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👉 Full Funded STEM Scholarship

STEM scholarships are awards that focus on STEM fields. Students with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Science, technology, engineering, or maths qualify for these scholarships.

👨‍💻Let our educational experts, in the United States, handle your application process leading to your fully funded scholarship.

Scholarship covers:
✅ Full tuition fee
✅ Stipends: $1500-$3000 USD a month( covers feeding and accommodation)

                                           IELTS and TOFEL A MUST

Why #Edunova_global?

✅ Authorized agents
✅ One and only Education
✅ Consultancy firm in the country- 100% Masters and Ph.D. Success for the USA
✅ We never compromise-Quality, Selection Process, Guidance, Training, and related.

If you are selected by our Career counsellor after your consultation, Your Visa possibilities– 100%
We believe in “Deeds, not Words”