Thinking about studying abroad? Norway can offer study life balance and an experience out of the ordinary! Did you know most education institutions in Norway have no tuition fee?

  • 100% FREE EDUCATION (No Tuition Fee)
  • Study Level: Master
  • Medium of Study: English
  • Intake: August 2022
  • Application Period: October & November


Availability of quality education without paying the tuition fees. High-ranked public universities and globally recognized degrees.

International Degree programs are fully conducted in English medium and the English language is widely used in Norway.

Norwegian Universities offer 220 + research-based Master programs in various fields of studies including Engineering, Technology, IT, Natural Science, Health Science, Social Science, Applied Science, Life Sciences, Business, Agriculture, Animal Science, Aquaculture, Architecture, Theology, Law, Optometry, Hotel management, Mathematics, Education, Forestry, interdisciplinary studies & more. Norway is one of the richest, happiest & safest countries in the world.

Norway enjoys the number 1 position in the Human Development Index (HDI) with the world’s highest wage scale, one of the richest countries with the lowest unemployment rate, best social welfare system, and the highest human rights practice.

International students are offered 20 hours per week work permit during studies and full-time during vacations. 1 year PSW (post-study Work permit) is offered after the completion of studies.

The spouse can apply for the dependent VISA. The dependent can work full-time during their stay in Norway Very straightforward, transparent, and hassle-free VISA policy.

So, why not Norway?

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Why #Edunova_global?

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The first step it’s to send all documents and a 2-course choice for a full evaluation. 

Once you are eligible, a member of the staff at the Benin city office will inform you of the next step in the process. 

All documents must be professionally scanned, clear, and complete before our team will evaluate. Also ensure include your WhatsApp number or direct line so we can reach you for feedback

Kindly send all required documents.

* International passport data page 

* Passport photo 

* WAEC certificate 

* Bachelors certificate and transcripts 

* Current CV

Send all documents to:

Note: Bank statements ( 6.5M single, 14M family) will be required before application submission. 

Though tuition it’s free for in Norway, NORWAY REQUIRES A BLOCK ACCOUNT TO COVER FOR FIRST YEAR COST OF LIVING. Once your acceptance letter has been issued, must be able to  transferred this amount of money into the university account during the resident permit processing, which will be around JUNE of 2022. The money will be returned to you in full once you arrive in Norway.

Also this document must be sent as hard copies by post to the university in Norway during the application process:

💥 Transcripts of bachelor’s/undergraduate diplomas: 

    * Applicants with degrees from Cameroon, Canada, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sudan, Uganda and the USA must send their bachelor’s transcripts as hard copies directly from the relevant college/university, in addition to uploading them online. 💥


  • Embassy Visa Application fee:

  – Single applicant 4,900 NOK (233,729 Naira)

 – Spouse: NOK 10.500 ( 591,531 Naira)

 Kids: 0


  • Funds that must be transferred to university account before resident permit


  • Main applicant only: 6.5M NGN 
  • If going with Family: 14M NGN




If you need any further details or inquiries, kindly give the office a call ☎️ 09124055495

Visit the Nigeria office: 

📍105 Sakpoba Road, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. 

Monday- Friday: 9am-4pm 

Closed: Saturday and Sunday