Visa is 100% guaranteed and applicant takes no other document to the embassy except his international passport, passport photograph and the document we will send to him directly from the Serbian Immigrations. We bear full responsibility!

Also the club will refund all expenses back to any successful player including ticket fee.                     

The visa is 100% guaranteed and players will get their money back if they pass trials and sign contract with club. The club will also pay the ticket fee back to the player when he signs contract.

Again, The player doesn’t need to submit any document at the embassy except his or her international passport and the approval that we will send to him and a passport photograph. The approval is coming directly from Serbian immigration authority and the visa is 100% guaranteed. 

Salary in Serbia is minimum 1000euro per month, in higher division clubs Plus bonuses, accommodation and feeding and match allowances.

Age: 18-29


2,800 Euro with the following breakdown.

1000 Euro is for Serbian immigration  fee 

1300 Euro for hotel, feeding, insurance and transportation within Serbia for the period of 10days trials.

500euro is the administrative processing fee.

  • Processing time: 2 months