We follow up your application till your arrival in your institution


The first thing that you have to do upon your arrival in any of our institution is going through immigration and customs clearance at any of the international airports. We provide you with more details of the clearance arrangements.

Here are some general tips for you to arrival:

  • Documents you need to bring include your passport with a valid visa (if necessary), an acceptance letter from your institution, travel itineraries and tickets.
  • Bring the address, telephone number and contact person(s) of your institution, hostel and accommodation.
  • You may need some initial petty cash in US Dollars (say US$300) exchanged for for transport, food and miscellaneous expenses. Money exchange services are readily available at the airport and bank branches throughout the city.
  • It may take some time for you to open a bank account in any of our institution. However, you may ask your University for assistance. You may need to withdraw cash from your bank account in your home country. Please check with your home bank for details.

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