American University of Cyprus (AUC)

American University of Cyprus (AUC) was founded in 2014, in the capital of North Cyprus – Nicosia. The university is a part of the Girne American University (GAU). The main campus of the American University of Cyprus is located in the heart of the historical capital of Nicosia. The goal of AUC is to create a learning environment that encourages students to learn about the historical culture. The American University of Cyprus is constantly evolving and growing, with the help of qualified teachers, a friendly administrative team and support staff. The university combines a modern and technical learning environment with the historical and cultural setting of the capital. The American University of Cyprus provides a form of study in the form of liberal arts, a form of study in which students study in close conditions with their teachers, working in discussion forums, in small classes. As part of this form of training, students analyze data, gain new knowledge and develop their abilities. The main goal of the liberal arts program is to promote the intellectual growth and development of the student

General information

Vision of AUC;
In the light of science,

  • to provide high quality education and training,
  • to conduct research studies and publication activities,
  • to share the findings with the society at local and international level,
  • to contribute to the accumulation of global knowledge.

 Mission of AUC;

  • to preserve and protect cultural heritage of Walled City of  Nicosia
  • to contribute to the development of the region in the educational, cultural and socio-economic dimensions
  • to educate students to have cultural values at the national dimensions, to develop critical thinking skills, make analytical decisions and generate solutions at global scale.

Undergraduate Programs

Plastic Arts
Business Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Political Science
International Relations

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