About Us


We are an international recruiting and admission agency. Our aim is to enable and facilitate admission and scholarship processes overseas universities and high schools on behalf of our duly signed Agents partners.

Since our organization rose from personal experiences, Agents  applying through Edunova can rest assured that we have their best interests at heart.


We are one of the fastest-growing Overseas Education Consultants.

At Edunova, we believe young and aspiring students should have rich knowledge of global educational institutions offering programs that best match their requirements and area of interest. They should know the relevance of such a program to the labour market as well.

We have made it to our prime objective to ensure overseas is accessible and provided to the best imaginable level.

We have a dedicated team of richly experienced professionals to help students of any level to choose the best programs or courses that are available in international educational institutions suitable to not only student interest but also aptitude.

First, we start by understanding your education and career goals and then we provide you with the proper guidance, advice, and accurate options. Here is why need to speak to us.

  • We represent 500+ Top education institutes globally, offering varieties of Programs and courses. This is various education levels ranging from college and university.
  • We have firsthand experience in international education. Our team is fully familiar with the international student and their
  • We offset education costs by finding the ideal partial These are usually affordable and suitable.
  • Our qualified and dedicated team of experts guide through each step of your educational journey
  • Our administrative charges and visa support charges are very
Our mission is to help education provider in the various universities we represent to reach their internalization goals, facilitate access for student requirement and partnership with high quality international educational providers worldwide. It is our goal to ensure our students achieve their dreams of studying abroad and we will do our best to make this a reality

Core Principle

We are open to honest communication, mutual respect, and strong teamwork.

Key to Success

We understand that selecting the right country and destination for your studying abroad can be challenging.

Thus, we are here to lighten the load on your shoulders and make your dream of studying and working abroad a success.


Career Counselling
Our team of experts will listen attentively to you and provide you insightful counselling

Admission Application

We evaluate your qualification to confirm that you are eligible for admission. Then help you to make the right choice from several options.

Study to Migrate

We offer varieties of program option that suit your vision migrating abroad.

Visa & Immigration Assistance

Applying for visa is not an easy task, getting a visa to study abroad is tiresome process but can be surprisingly simple with our assistance.

Departure and Post Arrival Service

Living abroad can be both rewarding and challenging. To make sure you are informed and prepared before you travel abroad. A pre-departure event is organized

Airport Assistance

We could provide assistance for airport pick up service at major international airport.

Flight Booking

We provide flight booking and flight arrangement services.

Follow Up Services

We support and promote the present and future well-being of our student. We enhance student development and success through innovative programs, services and partnerships.

Short and Long-Term Courses/Programs

We have variety of course options both short and professional courses institution and universities all over the world.

Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Health insurance is not only one of the prerequisites to apply for the student visa in most countries. But it is also very necessary.

Educational Webinars

What best way of keeping you informed especially with scholarship offers and affordable study packages.

Accommodation Reservation

We do accommodation arrangement prior departure this is for convenience up on arrival.

Foreign Language Academies Enrollment

We have a variety of language and short language courses in almost 40+ countries in the world. We first start by understanding your education and career goals and then we provide you with the proper guidance, advice, and accurate options. Here is why you need to speak to us:

  • We represent 500+ top education institutions globally offering a variety of programs and courses, at various education levels ranging from college and
  • We have got the first-hand experience in international education a -well as we fully familiarized on dealing with international as-well-as the problems they
  • We can upset education costs by finding the right partial scholarship and affordable tuition that can suit
  • Our qualified and dedicated team of experts will guide you through each step of the starting of your educational journey
  • Our administrative charges and visa support are very affordable.